Design Stage

Everything Physical Was Once Spiritual

The Design Stage is the most important part of the entire process. 

This is where we organize the chaos of everything we love, into a structured and easy to follow plan of creation.

During the Design Stage, we will review the floorplan you like, tweak as necessary, or create an entirely new plan just for you. Once we're happy with the floorplan, we dress everything up. Countertops, flooring, paint, lighting, you name it, we decide on it here.

We put extra time into this period so that at the end, we can hold a Design Presentation to show off and review everything you've selected. This is a meeting full of 3D renderings and walk throughs, line by line review of material choices, and a final budget for each task based on bids we've received according to your selections. 

We communicate everything via our custom home builder software CoConstruct, where no conversation will disappear in the email archives, get lost or forgotten. All of this information will also transfer over into the Construction Stage, which protects us and you from any fuzzy memories.

By the end of the Design presentation, you will know everything you're getting in your home, and have a solid idea of how much it will all cost in the end. 


Construction Design Finishes

We've partnered with some incredible local venders and showrooms to give us access to some of the most sought after materials, as well as unique styles that will set any of our homes apart from the herd.

Whether you have your own vison, need a little push, or are in love with our own design, we are so excited to help you add your flare and style into your home.