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Where we believe the Spirit and Passion cultivated while building a house becomes the Soul of your home.

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Meet the Owner

    My name is Mitch Burton and I'm the Owner and Visionary of Mountain and Sage Custom Homes and Cabins. I'm an Idaho boy who grew up right down the road from where we're raising this crazy little family of ours. I’m fluent in Spanish which makes it awesome as I work with a team of amazing craftsman, many of whom speak Spanish. 

    I've been in construction since I was a teenager, minus a brief stint sailing the seas in the U.S. Navy, where we lived all over the country, and I traveled the world. I'm always in awe of beautiful architecture and craftsmanship, which I use as the inspiration for many aspects of my homes. My dream has been to be a home and cabin builder ever since I was a teenager, and that passion fuels every detail and every day. 

    My ancestry is DEEPLY rooted in Scandinavia, Ireland and Scotland, which is definitely expressed in the spirit of many designs, like the “Kjersten” Swedish Farmhouse plan. My incredible wife and I are on this journey hand in hand, where she has been insanely supportive, especially as we began this business. This bearded builder wouldn't be anywhere without her. 

    We love our heritage, we LOVE Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, and we love building. We can't wait for the next opportunity we get to work together with someone like you.


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What We Can Do For You

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Roof Construction


This is where the magic happens. We take the plans and design and make them come to life. Our ancestors took immense pride in the craftsmanship of their artisan trade skills, and we strive to team up with Trade Partners who have the same passion. 
Our projects are managed seamlessly with state of the art custom home builder software, which organizes the spiritual planning of design and melds it with the construction schedule so everyone is always on the same page. We are on site leading the crews and ensuring quality is excellent.

Custom Interior Construction Design

So much of what makes a house a home, is all the colors, finishes, and surfaces within. No two of our homes ever turn out the same, because we want YOU to feel at home in your house. The limit is only your creativity. We work with incredible showrooms and vendors where we have access to upcoming designs, niche trends, and excellent craftsman.

Custom Designed Floorplanning

Whether you have been dreaming for years, or don't know where to start, we can help you create the perfect floorplan for your home, from scratch, or by tweaking one of our own.


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